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Friday, February 03, 2006

Ben Nieto

BA's current Organizational Report profiles Ben Nieto, LHP. Nieto is a burly lefthander, 5'10", 225 lbs drafted in round 38 by the Giants out of Riverside, CC. He reportedly had some scholarship offers to 4 year colleges, but was eager to start his pro career. In John Manuel's BA Chat Wrap after BA posted their Giants Top 10 Prospects, he said Nieto could get his fastball into the low 90's which is good for a lefthander. Nieto put up excellent numbers in the AZL and with Salem-Keizer in the NWL:

AZL- 2-2, 1.26, 28 IP, 38 K, 6 BB.

S-K- 3-0, 1.05, 25.2 IP, 23 K, 7 BB.

Combined stats for both leagues, 53.2 IP, 63 K, 13 BB.

Here's some quotes from the article by Giants Scouting and Player Development Director Dick Tidrow:
"He's not afraid to throw his fastball up in the zone, and he has a good hook. He's willing to go after guys and throw the ball over the plate, and he's got some deception."

"They had trouble hitting his fastball. They had trouble hitting his curveball. They had trouble hitting everything."

"He was a nice surprise. If a guy is willing to throw the ball over the plate and he's hard to hit, he's worth a look."
Nieto certainly doesn't have a classic pitcher's body habitus. His weight could become an issue as he gets older. His stats, especially in the NWL, are impressive. The challenge will be whether he can get away with challenging hitters at higher levels. The article did not mention his velocity, nor did it project where he will pitch in 2006. Coming out of JC, he's still on the young side, so Augusta might be a good bet.

Comments on "Ben Nieto"


Blogger Birdman said ... (5:16 AM) : 

Those are impressive numbers for Nieto at Salem-Kaiser. As a lefty with a good hook and the right mentality, you gotta like his chances as situational arm.


Blogger DrBGiantsfan said ... (5:54 AM) : 

I double checked Nieto's birthdate. He'll turn 22 yo in April. If they think he's up to it, I'd like to see him pushed to San Jose.


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