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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Draper Answers Q's on Prospects

In his latest mailbag article, Rich Draper talks Matt Cain, the wave of position players to come and Spring Training. He also briefly touches on Kevin Frandsen and the possibilty he makes the Giants in a reserve role.

I think its premature to start talking about Frandsen making an impact in 2006. He had a heckuva run last season, but lets cool it just a little. Let him get his proper seasoning in Fresno before tossing him in the show just because he's the best option. If he's tearing up the PCL at mid-season then maybe we can talk. Do you think Brian Sabian will really go into the season with only Jose Vizcaino and a rookie to backup 2B/SS/3B?

"Cain definitely could reach the 15-win mark ... but no pressure, Matt. Manager Felipe Alou calls the 21-year-old pitcher "the real deal -- a special phenom. He's a fearless guy with tremendous stuff, with tremendous [poise] at such a tender age." The kid is solidly built, has strong legs, good mechanics and is a smart guy who is able to adjust. Imagine last season, when he baffled batters with his fastball, a pitch most veterans can kill. Cain will be fun to watch."
"There are few openings on the roster, but expect Angel Chavez and Kevin Frandsen to be among candidates for a bench role. Chavez, by the way, has decided not to play for his native Panama in the World Baseball Classic and will report early to Spring Training to improve his chances of making the team."

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Comments on "Draper Answers Q's on Prospects"


Blogger DrBGiantsfan said ... (4:58 PM) : 

As usual, Draper give little insight that most of us diehard fans don't already know 10 times over, heavy on platitudes and light on hard news or opinions.

I can't remember having as much excitement and anticipation over a prospect than for Matt Cain. The only possible exception would be Will Clark. I am just keeping my fingers crossed that Cain will turn out to be what he appears.

Fortunately, there is no need to rush Frandsen. I'm really high on him too, but he should get another year of seasoning at Fresno. Maybe if we drop out of the race early, and if Frandsen is tearing it up in Fresno, we could dump Durham in a deadline trade and bring Frandsen up. Otherwise, let's plan on Frandsen taking over at 2B in 2007.


Blogger Birdman said ... (11:12 PM) : 

Man, 2007 is going to be nuts. How many prospects will be contributing? And a ton of money off the books. We might finally get a chance to see a team with some speed and a little spunk.


Blogger DrBGiantsfan said ... (12:29 AM) : 

2006 is going to be a most interesting year in the minors. I'm almost more excited about the upcoming minor league season than I am about the major league season for which my expectations are not high.

The Cal League is going to a balanced schedule between the north and south divisions, so SJ will be down in SoCal a whole lot. I can hardly wait to get a look at Marcus Sanders, Jonathan Sanchez, Brian Horwitz and a ton of other interesting prospects who could very welll have breakout seasons.

Man, I wish we could just clone Trevor Wilson and have him coach at both SJ and Fresno.


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