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Saturday, February 18, 2006

John Manuel Q&A

In the most recent "Ask BA" article, John Manuel hits on Giants propsects like Matt Cain, Marcus Sanders and Kevin Frandsen. He is especially high on Sanders--Baseball America's #2 prospect in the organization.

"Q: Chris from San Carlos, CA asks:
OK, clearly you don't rate Billingsley that far ahead of Cain, but Cain put up his number in the tough PCL and the majors where Billingsley was in AA. Verlander was in AA, had to be shut down before the end of the season, and wasn't as dominant as he should have been in college. Cain hasn't had arm problems since 2003, and has gained a lot of muscle since that time. Sure you guys don't want to rethink that? As always, these chats are the best part of Baseball America. Well, aside from the prospect book.

John Manuel: Thanks for the kind words on the chats and the Handbook. It's splitting hairs Chris. I've ranked Giants prospects for three straight years so I know Cain actually better than the other guys. It depends on the day of the week, really, between Billingsley and Verlander for me. Cain is third, just a slight step behind, because I'm just not as confident in his fastball command and overall control. He was only five walks away from leading the PCL in that department; he'd rank first if he had half that many walks, but that's a concern for me.

Q: Alex from San Francisco, CA asks:
Who's the Giants 2B of the future? Sanders or Frandsen? It seems to me that Frandsen hits too well to be a utility man. Would Frandsen's presence increase the chances of Sanders getting moved to the OF?

John Manuel: I almost hate to say it, but Frandsen has to do it again to completely prove to me he's more than a utility guy. If he does and establishes himself, then yes, Sanders could very well move to CF. That might have to happen anywhere; of course, the Giants hold out hope that this second arm surgery for Sanders helps him stay at SS, making this discussion moot.

Q: Rowdy Hardy from Clarksville, TN asks:
Who would consider the best base stealer in the minors? Anyone to challenge Ricky Henderson's records in near or distant future?

John Manuel: Marcus Sanders is my pick, speed with savvy and the boldness to steal a lot of bases. But no one's touching Rickey's 130 or career mark in the near future, not that I can see, people just don't play that way anymore and Rickey was a very unique player.

Q: Ian from Illadelph asks:
Please justify Marcus Sanders over Dustin Pedroia. My BA subscription renewal rests upon your answer. The clock is ticking...

John Manuel: That's a ceiling deal, and I like Pedroia a lot. I consider Sanders the best leadoff hitter in the minors--a line-drive bat, ability to take a walk and game-changing speed combined with baserunning savvy. Just harder to find than Pedroia's tools, and that's even with Pedroia's tools playing up because of his outstanding makeup, drive and desire."

Full article can be found here...

Comments on "John Manuel Q&A"


Blogger Birdman said ... (8:31 PM) : 

By the way--the photo of Sanders is from his days at South Florida JC, where he also played cornerback on the football team.


Blogger Michael said ... (12:58 PM) : 

Obviously Matt Cain has turned out to be the #1 prospect, now the possible ace of their staff. Kevin Frandsen is probably their #1 prospect at this point in my opinion.


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