Who is the #2 prospect behind Matt Cain?
    Merkin Valdez
    Marcus Sanders
    Eddy Martinez-Esteve
    Nate Scheirholtz
    Travis Ishikawa
    Kevin Frandsen
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AVG......Brian Horowitz (.349)
2B.......Eddy Martinez-Esteve (44)
3B.......Clay Timpner (12)
HR.......Todd Linden (30)
RBI......Mike Cervenak (103) SB.......Marcus Sanders (57)
OBP......Todd Linden (.437)
SLG......Todd linden (.682)
ERA......Dave McKae (2.42)
W........Broshuis/Floyd/Salankey (12)
K........Matt Cain (176)
SV.......Bateman/Wilson (21)

Saturday, February 11, 2006

ODB All-Prospect Team

On Deck Baseaball has released their All-Prospect teams. They seem to be pretty high on a lot of the younger players. Guys like Shairon Martis and Craig Whitaker make the first-team ahead of AAA prospects Jeremy Accardo and Brian Wilson. ODB also gives the nod to lesser-named players who performed and put up numbers to those who have the tools.

Click here to find more ratings on the Giants organization, including the 4th and 5th teamers, from On Deck Baseball.

1st Team 2nd Team 3rd Team
1B Travis Ishikawa Will Thompson Chad Santos
2B Kevin Frandsen Mark Minicozzi Aaron Hornostaj
3B Pablo Sandoval Brian Buscher Simon Klink
SS Marcus Sanders Angel Chavez Sharlon Schoop
OF E. Martinez-Esteve Fred Lewis Ariel Nunez
OF Dan Ortmeier Ben Copeland Clay Timpner
OF Nate Schierholtz Brian Horwitz John Bowker
C Justin Knoedler Eliezer Alfonzo Brian Munhall
SP Matt Cain Pat Misch Sergio Romo
SP Merkin Valdez Ryan Sadowski Garrett Broshuis
SP Daniel Griffin Ben Nieto Joe Martinez
SP Jonathan Sanchez Kelvin Pichardo Mike Musgrave
SP Jesus Reina Nick Pereira Juan Serrato
RP Shairon Martis Jeremy Accardo Brian Wilson
RP Craig Whitaker Waldis Joaquin Brian Anderson

Comments on "ODB All-Prospect Team"


Blogger DrBGiantsfan said ... (5:23 PM) : 

I like these lists a lot. I would count Martis, Whitaker and Joaquin as SP's. Sharlon Shoop should be 2n'd team ahead of Chavez. Beyond that, no major quarrels.


Blogger multiphasic said ... (12:14 AM) : 

I think Jake Wald should be the 2nd team 2B or the 3rd team SS (sorry, Sharlie), and Simon on the 2nd SP staff, probably instead of Pereira, or maybe 3rd team RP instead of Anderson. Misch and Reina should be swapped.

Haad definitely belongs ahead of Munhall. Heck, Jennings belongs ahead of Munhall. The outfields make no allowances for position; Lewis should be 1st team CF, and Schierholtz moved to 2nd team corner OF.

This list, I'm beginning to realize, is sweet liqueur for the obsessive-compulsive.


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